PopcornFX Unity plugin

Play PopcornFX effects in Unity!

PopcornFX integration

The PopcornFX Unity integration is a plugin that allows the use of PopcornFX in Unity. The integration consists of a plugin library, the PopcornFX SDK API bindings in C++, a few other helpful components and the PopcornFX editor, available on Windows.


PopcornFX is recognized nowadays as a professional-grade tool used by an increasing number of studios & VFX artists. The Unity + PopcornFX duo offers the most complete & most efficient 3D FX solution for apps and games development.


  • Uses resources more wisely
  • Particle profiler
  • Interactive effects
  • Particle debugger
  • FX Statistics


  • Complete production pipeline
  • Realtime editing & tweaks
  • Quick iteration
  • Quick FX integration
  • Cross-platform development
  • Gameplay-interactive runtime

PopcornFX - Particle Interaction
Interparticle interaction
PopcornFX - Distorsion
PopcornFX - Image sampler
Image sampling
PopcornFX - Mesh sampler
Mesh sampling
PopcornFX - Trail Spawner
Child particles
PopcornFX - Turbulences
PopcornFX - Particle Scripting
Particle scripting
PopcornFX - Runtime Attribute
Dynamic parameters

Check out our tutorial videos to learn how to set up and use the plugin!


Video PopcornFX in Unity - Starter Pack
Video PopcornFX in Unity - Integration