PopcornFX Unity plugin

Play PopcornFX effects in Unity!

PopcornFX integration

PopcornFX v2 Unity integration is fully functional and production ready on all platforms. Compatible with Unity 2019.x version & above
Due to limited resources, we are currently focusing our efforts on AA-AAA games and support our customers throughout their production.

The plugin is free on desktop and mobile platforms, however due to limitations described below, it is required to subscribe to a support plan.
If you are interested to evaluate the Unity plugin, contact us.

The Unity plugin is compatible with Unity’s HDRP, URP and legacy renderers (some rendering features are only compatible with HDRP) however it is currently difficult to maintain our Shader graph and HDRP/URP integrations across Unity versions, due to missing API entry points.
Until this is addressed by Unity, we prefer not to deliver a public Unity plugin version and only work with studios subscribing to a support plan.