The UE4 PopcornFX Plugin


Full Featured and Free, The PopcornFX Editor is the tool mastered to create PopcornFX Effects.


Install the UE4 PopcornFX Plugin
into an Unreal Engine 4 project to run any Effect created with the PopcornFX Editor.


The UE4 PopcornFX Examples Project shows off basic PopcornFX features, PopcornFX integration capabilities, and advanced customization possibilities.

Source Code on

Unreal Engine
4.15 to 4.18

PopcornFX Runtime
SDK 1.12.2

Examples Project


Answer Hub

  • Particle Renderers

    Exploit PopcornFX Renderers along side UE’s Materials to get maximum control over all aspect of your Particle.Your Particles

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PopcornFX Integration

Take full advantage of PopcornFX features into Unreal Engine 4.
Thanks to UE4 awesomeness, the astounding flexibility of PopcornFX Effects, a carrefully optimized PopcornFX Runtime, and a little practice, you should be able to create nearly anything that comes to your mind !

The UE4 PopcornFX Examples Project download links will be avaiblabe to you on GitHub with the Plugin.
Here is a preview packaged build of the project:
Download UE4 PopcornFX Examples Project Windows x64 Build
(Made with UE 4.14.0, UE4 PopcornFX Plugin v1.3.2, PopcornFX Runtime v1.10.8)


Please contact us for any console plugin

Available soon : iOS, Android & Switch

25€ Personal License

Test, learn, play, enjoy, and even release free art or demos with PopcornFX inside.

Personal License for personal, non-commercial, tests, educational, and evaluation use only (see PopcornFX store terms & conditions)

A unique voucher will be generated to allow you to upgrade to the commercial license when you want. This voucher will be joined to your checkout confirmation email.

UE4 Plugin Personal



250€ Studio License

The studio license is valid for indies, small and midsize studios.
For big studios and AAA productions we also provide Support and Outsourcing options to help you into the PopcornFX adoption process. You can contact us to reach an account manager if you need a more streamlined or corporate process!

Studio License for commercial use (see PopcornFX store terms & conditions)
One license needed per VFX seat.

UE4 Plugin Studio



Within 2 working days after your order, you will be granted access to the UE4PopcornFXPlugin Github where everything is.
Don’t forget your Github Account Name on the Checkout page.


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