Integrate PopcornFX into your in-house engine

The perfect runtime for your workflow

The PopcornFX team dedicates its time and energy to deliver a stable, solid, fast, state-of-the-art runtime. It has been highly optimized on all the supported platforms and comes with various realtime profiling tools.

Since its inception in 2007, the particle engine that later became the middleware known as PopcornFX has been using a highly parallel stream processing architecture, which is at the core of its high performance and flexibility.
It is extremely similar to the way modern GPUs work.

We’ve been improving the system since then, and keep it evolving as new hardware comes out.
Looking for distributing work across worker threads on multiple cores with minimum contention?
Efficient, hand-optimized SIMD code?
Leveraging the power of platform-specific hardware?
Careful cache management, write-combined-buffers and LHS aware code?
Yes, we do all of that. And more.
In addition, our build servers run 24/7 and check feature and performance regressions to bring you a top-quality runtime.


PopcornFX is recognized nowadays as a professional-grade tool used by an increasing number of studios & VFX artists. The SDK C++ offers the most complete & most efficient 3D FX solution for apps and games development.


  • Uses resources more wisely
  • Particle profiler
  • Interactive effects
  • Particle debugger
  • FX Statistics


  • Complete production pipeline
  • Realtime editing & tweaks
  • Quick iteration
  • Quick FX integration
  • Cross-platform development
  • Gameplay-interactive runtime

PopcornFX core features & services

Seamless Integration to custom 3D engine

Using you own 3D engine crafted with love over the years? – No problem! – Our experienced team will provide direct assistance in integrating PopcornFX C++ SDK to your in-house pipeline.

Premium support

Whether you are self-starting with PopcornFX or standing in the need of addressing a specific technical request on time, there is always a mean to reach out our support team dedicated to answer you – Contact the PopcornFX support team for enquiry.

100 % cross-platform, 100% scalable to all project sizes

PopcornFX supports all platforms. One toolset, endless possibilities for your VFX productions related to video game development, film, on-set previsualization and live experience in AR-VR-RM outputs.

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