PopcornFX v2 pricing plans & options

Simple, flexible, and predictable pricing.
Choose which package is best suited for you.

PopcornFX v2 Runtime Middleware Plans

Get the PopcornFX runtime matching your engine and target platforms.
Runtime subscription is per project and platform.

Custom integration

You have your own in-house engine or you need specific development based on our plugins,
pricing will depend on target platforms, engine, integration, support and production budget.

    Desktop & mobile plugins

    You are using Unreal Engine 4, Unity 3D, Adobe After Affects or O3DE ?
    All our plugins are freely accessible, select a links below for more detail.

    Unity 3D
    Unreal Engine 4
    Adobe After Effects

    *A runtime licensing fee could be required for non-indy game studios, please see the terms & conditions.

    Editor licensing plans

    Editor software subscription is per seat


    This version is for indie studios with revenue below $200k

    /seat /month
    Bug fix support
    Training assets


    This version is for professional teams & freelancers.

    /seat /month
    Bug fix support
    Training assets
    Optional support plan


    This version is for studios with a turnover over $100M.

    Get access to our R&D team  to work on the future of VFX

    On demand
    Bug fix support
    Training assets
    Optional support plan
    Contact us

    Personal Learning Edition (PLE)

    A free version of PopcornFX for beginners. This plan is designed for non-commercial or educational purposes.

    Community support
    Training assets

    Schools & Universities

    This version is for schools & universities

    /user /year
    Training assets
    Contact us


    The free PLE (Personal Learning Edition) license is restricted to be used solely for classroom instruction and personal learning.

    While a license is active, users have access to all new PopcornFX minor and patch version updates.

    Customers will obtain a perpetual license after one year of subscription. After the first year of subscription, if the licensee decides to stop the subscription, he will be able to use his perpetual version (the latest version released at the end of the licensee’s subscription).

    Note that the customer can pay the full year upfront and get access to a perpetual license without any subscription and will access the updates available during the first year.

    Work for hire

    From a tiny snippet to a massive project, we cover it all.
    Our team can step in at any moment.
    Save your time, relax, and focus on the other steps.
    • Dev Integration

    • Art Optimization

    • Art Creation & Production

    Runtime evaluation

    Our standard process :
    • You contact us, we get your needs
    • We send you an agreement (usually via DocuSign)
    • 1 to 3 months (can be extended if needed)