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Persistant Studios is a french company founded in 2005. Based in Paris, Bordeaux, and Montreal, Persistant Studios develops PopcornFX, a middleware allowing the creation of realtime 3D particle effects.

PopcornFX offers an efficient, solid, modern design, with many game engine interactions, fast iterations, and tools tailored for VFX.

Its script-based expression system is key to smart, fully controlled, and completely flexible effects. This flexibility allows PopcornFX to be used by both video games & movie industries.

Press Release: Persistant Studios - PopcornFX partners with Magic Leap

Paris, France, October the 22th, 2018 – Persistant Studios, the market leader in real time VFX with its solution PopcornFX, is proud to announce its partnership with Magic Leap, creator of the revolutionary spatial computing headset Magic Leap One Creator Edition™.
PopcornFX & Magic Leap partnership