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Persistant Studios is a French company founded in 2005. Located in Paris, Bordeaux, and Montreal, Persistant Studios develops PopcornFX, a middleware allowing the creation of realtime 3D particle effects.

PopcornFX offers an efficient, solid, and modern design, with many game engine interactions, fast iterations, and tools tailored for VFX.

Its script-based expression system is key to smart, fully controlled, and completely flexible effects. This flexibility allows PopcornFX to be used by both video games & movie industries.


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2018 December 10 – Breakdown: Patronus in PopcornFx

Marvin Theil was kind enough to share a breakdown of his little Plexus effects set up with the help of PopcornFX.
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2016 Juin 13 – Making it in Unreal: Boiling Bolt makes the shoot-’em-up beautiful

“Persistant Studios make PopcornFX – the middleware that provides pretty particles for games like Trove and Black Desert. Thing is, it’s quite tricky to showcase pretty particles. You can’t put them in window displays, and they don’t look quite right in catalogues.”
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2017 Oct 09 - ILMxLAB VFX artist Martin La Land Romero Interview

“It’s always a good idea to be in touch with newly developing VFX tools, for example while creating my scifi scenes for Nostro I really enjoyed using PopcornFX for most of the effects in the scene. One of the cool things about it is having a generic particle system that you can add parameters too all while being able to modify this in the individual instance level.”
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2017 Oct 02 - Create interactive fire and ice particles Tutorial with Abdel Kader Wawi

“PopcornFX is a dynamic, cross-engine, real-time FX particle solution middleware than can also be used for certain effects in offline rendering. PopcornFX is script-based, which gives us the opportunity to change the behaviour of our particles as we please…”
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2017 Feb 09 – The Rise of Substance

“That prototype was fleshed out a further few years later when Allegorithmic partnered with PopcornFX on a new iteration of the particle system, after Deguy saw what PopcornFX had itself been developing in the area. “I asked them,” he recalls, “can your particles stick to a surface if I throw them at it?””
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2017 Aug 02 - Persistant Studios - Winner of Best Tools provider

“This win is unexpected. It feels really warming, especially for the people back at home. Thay are working every day ans the project started almost twelve years ago.”
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2017 Mar 15 - Pushing the boundaries (Maxime Dumas interview)

“In our Philosophy, it’s not our tool, but the communities tool.”
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2016 Aug 05 – Tools spotlight on PopcornFX

“Scripting allows creation of very complex effects while having excellent performance.”
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2016 Mar 07 – Maxplay includes PopcornFX as standard VFX engine

“We choose our technology and tools partners based on their ability to provide the best possible solutions for their given development category,”
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2015 Sep 02 – Unity awards, finalist revealed

There are ten awards up for grabs for games made with the Unity game engine, including the Golden Cube, Best 3D Visual Experience, Best 2D Visual Experience, Best Gameplay, Best VizSim Project, Best Non-game Project, Best VR Experience, Best Student Project, the Asset Store Award and the Community Award.
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2014 Oct 15 – Allegorithmic releases Substance Painter 1.0 with PopcornFX specific build

“Substance Painter 1.0 also features a customised version of Popcorn FX’s particle editor, and a new user interface.”
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MCV has combined with Develop and Esports Pro to become one brand for the entire UK video games industry. Whether you’re an indie searching for the best partner for your next game, an esports tournament provider looking for new partners, a retailer wanting to maximise its community, a publisher acquiring new capabilities to push engagement, a mobile studio looking for the best data analysts, or even a media planner considering AR as part of its next big campaign.

2015 May 14 – The Tools and Tech of All Things Die

“The main barrier, for me, was always that the Popcorn FX is Windows-only. But, with that new, fancy Razer Blade. Well. The world was full of possibilities.”
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2014 Nov 11 – PopcornFX V1.7 & Unreal Engine 4 alpha

“We are glad to let you know that we have opened the subscriptions for the private alpha of the Unreal Engine 4 integration of PopcornFX!”
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2014 May 03 – PopcornFX for XBoxOne released

« PopcornFX gives our artists unparalleled flexibility to create the effects in Trove. We find the runtime to be very efficient and easy to integrate with. They provide us with prompt and detailed answers any time we have questions »
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2016 March 16 – PlayStation VR Has +230 Companies Developing Content, Tools

« An additional range of companies was announced that were working on middleware and tools for the PlayStation VR. »
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2014 May 23 – Popcorn FX Interview: Developing The Next Generation of Particle Effects

“GamingBolt speaks to Camille MIREY, CEO of Persistant Studios, the company behind the PopcornFX middleware.”
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2014 May 14 – Added Benefit of PS4 Unified Architecture: Removes Expensive CPU/GPU Transfer For Better Particle FX

« Persistant Studios’ Camille Mirey also reveals that the PS4 and Xbox One are capable of thirty to a hundred of thousand particles, no more.»
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2014 May 10 – Microsoft Cloud Improving Particle FX Unlikely In Upcoming Years Due To Infrastructure Latency

« If connections really allow for computation offloading to servers then it could be a possibility.»
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2014 May 08 – PopcornFX v.1.5.5 Now Available

“The popular particle effects engine returns with new features.”
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2014 May 08 – DirectX 12 50% Reduction In CPU Overhead Doesn’t Result In Enhanced PopcornFX Particle Effects

« Persistant Studios CEO Camille Mirey also speaks about the benefits of AMD Mantle. »
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2014 May 03 – Xbox One’s eSRAM Small Size Is Not A Problem, Can Help In Better Particle Effects: Popcorn FX

« Can Xbox One’s eSRAM be used to develop better particle effects? Camille Mirey, CEO of Persistant Studios explains. »
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2018 June 29 – Sonovision - Retour sur Laval Virtual 2018 : entre le virtuel et l’augmenté ...

“(…)Persistant Studios représente une grappe d’entreprises spécialisées dans les effets visuels dédiés à la 3D qui a notamment à son actif la conception du logiciel Popcorn FX permettant de produire en temps réel des effets visuels numériques dans une scène 3D pour l’audiovisuel ou le jeu vidéo.”
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2018 January 31 – Maddyness - 9 solutions qui réinventent la mobilité urbaine

“(…)La société, basée à Paris et Montréal, a entre autres créé la solution d’effets de particules 3D en temps réel PopcornFX, utilisée dans la production de jeux vidéos, de films, ou d’expériences de réalité virtuelle.”
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2018 August 16 – Mediakwest - 3D, VFX, VR, AR : l'innovation française au top au SIGGRAPH 2018 !

“14 entreprises françaises, sélectionnées par Cap Digital et Imaginove, sont à Vancouver du 12 au 16 août pour participer au SIGGRAPH, premier salon mondial dédié aux images numériques et aux technologies de l’interactivité.”
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2017 January 11 – Mediakwest - Bientôt une version grand public de Popcorn FX (ITV Maxime Dumas, WebTV Screen4All)

“MAXIME DUMAS, fondateur et directeur de PERSISTANT STUDIOS, nous présente sa “petite entreprise française” qui a eu la chance d’être identifiée très tôt par Sony et Ubisoft.”
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2016 June 22 – L'antre du Geek - Coup de coeur – La réalité virtuelle avec Popcorn FX

“(…)À cette occasion, le studio français PopcornFX a exposé la démo d’un jeu dont il avait créé les effets de particules. Petit détail : il était en réalité virtuelle, sur le HTC Vive. J’ai testé, j’ai adoré (même si j’ai failli briser une télé et un nez).”
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2018 January 01 – CGWorld - 無数にパーティクルを飛ばすエフェクトはまさにポップコーン! PopcornFXによるサウンドビジュアライザー

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2017 March 31 – CGWorld - GDC2017にみるゲームエンジン最新動向 応用範囲がさらに広がるゲームエンジンと連携を深めるツール群【GDC2017レポート vol.3】

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Press Release: Persistant Studios - PopcornFX partners with Magic Leap

Paris, France, October the 22th, 2018 – Persistant Studios, the market leader in real time VFX with its solution PopcornFX, is proud to announce its partnership with Magic Leap, creator of the revolutionary spatial computing headset Magic Leap One Creator Edition™.

Press Release: Persistant Studios - PopcornFX new collaboration with VICON

Montreal, Qc, Canada, March the 6th, 2018 - Persistant Studios - PopcornFX, explains in this article the full VFX production process on the VR Demo ``Experience - Advanced Creative Productivity``, presented at MIGS 2017 in partnership with CDRIN & Vicon.

Press Release: Persistant Studios - PopcornFX new collaboration with VICON

Paris, France, December the 6th, 2017 - Persistant Studios - PopcornFX, CDRIN, and Vicon are proud to announce their new partnership around a VR Demo ``Experience - Advanced Creative Productivity``, which will be presented at the MIGS 2017.

Press Release: Persistant Studios - PopcornFX collaboration with AMD

Paris, France, November the 20th, 2017 - PopcornFX - Persistant Studios, is proud to present its great collaboration with AMD for a live demo presented at SIGGRAPH 2017 showfloor and Capsaicin VIP conference.

Press Release: Persistant Studios - PopcornFX partnership with CDRIN

Paris, France, November the 5, 2017) - Persistant Studios - PopcornFX, is pleased to announce its brand new partnership with CDRIN specialized in particular, in motion capture and Virtual & Augmented Reality.

Press Release: iClone shines with PopcornFX realtime visual effects

San José, CA , October the 31th, 2017 - Reallusion - iClone 7 adds particle realism with the PopcornFX runtime integration, particles library, and extensive VFX creation through PopcornFX’s powerful editor.

Press Release: Persistant Studios - PopcornFX new collaboration with VICON

Paris, France, September the 5th, 2017 - Persistant Studios - PopcornFX, is proud to present another great collaboration with VICON, the most important motion capture technology specialist for entertainment, engineering, and life sciences industries at SIGGRAPH 2017

Press Release: Persistant Studios - PopcornFX partners with Reallusion

San Jose, CA, July the 2nd, 2017, Reallusion iClone and Persistant Studios / PopcornFX release a next-level VFX plugin for production of realtime 3D particle effects equipped with specialized libraries and super-tools for customization.

Press Release: Persistant Studios - PopcornFX collaboration with ARM

Paris, France, April the 18th, 2017 - Persistant Studios, market leader in realtime VFX with its middleware solution PopcornFX, is proud to present its collaboration with leading global technology company ARM for a demo at GDC 2017.

Press Release: Persistant Studios - PopcornFX partners with Silicon Studio

Paris, France, February the 28th, 2017, Persistant Studios - PopcornFX, is pleased to announce new reseller partnership for the Japan - Korea & Thaïland area with Tokyo based middleware and development company Silicon Studio.