PopcornFX v2 Beta 3 is released!

PopcornFX v2 Beta 3

PopcornFX v2 Beta-3 is out!

What’s new:

PopcornFX v2.0 SDK & UE4 plugin now available on PS4 & XBox-One, and GPU particles now run on D3D12!
You need to upgrade your existing projects in order to use it.
We updated the
‘Tutorials’ and ‘Samples’ online packages.
Select the ‘Online Packages’ tab in the project selection window and download the latest ones.

First time using PopcornFX v2.0? Take a look at the Getting_Started wiki page.

1 – Rendering

Long-awaited feature: custom particle data sent to shaders!

  • Added ShaderInput0,1,2,3 as default available renderer features, allowing to send custom sim data to shaders without creating custom renderer features.
  • Mesh particles are now properly rendered and lit. (#1570)

Input 1->3 will be remapped to UE4’s Dynamic Parameter1->3:

PopcornFX v2 beta 3 Shader Inputs
PopcornFX v2 beta 3 Shader Inputs

2 – Content Browser

  • Implemented an asset delete that moves items to trash for all desktop platforms. (#1649)
  • Added UI on crash allowing user to add a comment and a contact mail (CrashReport upload cannot be skipped during beta, as it’s one of the main purposes of the beta :)).
  • Added Prev/Next/Parent buttons to the breadcrumb. (#1733#1169)
  • Added a shortcut to focus the search box (default: Ctrl-F). (#1507)
PopcornFX v2 beta 3 Content Browser
PopcornFX v2 beta 3 Content Browser

3 – Nodal Editor

  • Grouping nodes now automatically names input/output pins based on the pin names of the original nodes.
  • Added more explicit search strings for basic math operations: Can now search for “multiply”, “divide”, “division”, etc…
PopcornFX v2 beta 3 Collapse Pins Better Names
PopcornFX v2 beta 3 Collapse Pins Better Names


4 – GPU simulation

  • Added basic D3D12 GPU particles simulation. Does not yet handle attributes or samplers.
  • GPU bounds now take all renderers into account. (#1532)

5 – Stabilization

  • CurveEditor: Opening the curve editor breaks linear-curves (#1666)
  • EffectEditor: Fixed viewport toolbar loop button not synced two-way with scene properties panel. (#1689)
  • ContentBrowser: Fixed a crash when externally modifying an effect file opened in the editor.
  • PopcornFXCore library: Fixed Core.pkfx “effect.axisForward” template, was returning “effect.axisSide”.
  • NodalEditor: Fixed nodes grouping for nodes with hidden pins.
  • NodalEditor: Fixed builtin node creation with numpad enter key in right click menu: wasn’t working. (#1607)
  • NodalEditor: Fixed un-clickable area at top of node editor.
  • NodalEditor: Fixed script node creation in the middle of a wire. New script only had input pin. Now correctly has input and output.
  • NodalEditor: Fixed Ctrl+F search which did not search inside annotation contents.
  • NodalEditor: Fixed crash on Ctrl+G of a node with a stale pin wired out. (#1544)

.. and more

Read the full changelog in the beta download portal: https://www.popcornfx.com/services/editor-v2


Beta 3 Patch-1

Fixes issue #1757 : “Nodal editor : Crash after grouping nodes”
Fixes issue #1769 : “Recovering .tmp files sometimes corrupted the original effect”