PopcornFX v2 Beta 2 is released

PopcornFX v2 Beta 2

PopcornFX v2 Beta-2 is out!

What’s new:

You need to upgrade your existing projects in order to use it.
We updated the ‘Tutorials’ and ‘Samples’ online packages.
Select the ‘Online Packages’ tab in the project selection window and download the latest ones.

First time using PopcornFX v2.0? Take a look at the Getting_Started wiki page.

1 – Various rendering & editor improvements

  • Particles use distortion shader (see the effect “Particles/Tutorials/043_Billboard_Features.pkfx”, in the “Tutorials” package)
  • Viewport has some proper tone-mapping
  • Fixed editor rendering modes to also affect backdrops, not just particles (wireframe, overdraw, …)
  • Viewport displays shape samplers

PopcornFX v2 open beta 2 Shape Samplers

2 – Simulation bounds are now computed

  • Enables proper culling in game-engine

PopcornFX v2 open beta 2 - Bounds

3 – Spatial layers

The v1.x “spatial layers” feature is now available in v2.0 beta-2!
This is a powerful construct that enables inter-particle communication and effects like plexus, crowd sims, and any effect that requires inter-particle interactions.

PopcornFX v2 open beta 2 - Spatial Layer

4- Nodal UX improvements

  • specify an inline property for all pins whose type is not ‘auto’, without having to wire a constant node
  • create nodes in the middle of existing wires, without having to manually reconnect them

PopcornFX v2 open beta 2 - Insert Node

  • specify explicit update rates inside scripts

For advanced users, it’s possible to explicitly specify evaluation rates inside scripts.

This is done through the functions “eval.once(x)”, “eval.full(x)”, or “eval.at(x, y)”, where ‘x’ is the expression to be evaluated at that rate, and ‘y’ is a dependent expression whose update-rate needs to be used as the update rate of ‘x’

PopcornFX v2 open beta 2 - ExecRates and Performance

GPU simulation in UE4

  • the DX11 GPU simulation can be used in the UE4 plugin

New “Tutorials” effects

We’ve updated The Tutorials package and it contains some new effects!

  • Spatial layers tutorial effects
  • Distortion effect

PopcornFX v2 open beta 2 - Distortion effectPopcornFX v2 open beta 2 - Distortion effect

  • “All nodes” effect. It shows all the nodes available, both builtin and in the core template library
  • Second collision mask tutorial effect. It shows an effect that filters collisions based on the particle color hue.

PopcornFX v2 open beta 2 - Collision effectPopcornFX v2 open beta 2 - Collision effect


  • Fixed various crashes and bugs when editing effects
  • Fixed multiple issues in grid backdrop (see #1597)
  • Fixed some rendering glitches in billboard & ribbon renderers
  • Fixed incorrect gamma-space when loading textures
  • Can now rotate backdrops

And many other bugfixes…
Read the full changelog

Update to Qt 5.11.2

  • Fixes issue #1174 : “Nodal editor : resizing the nodal viewport causes visual glitches / flickering”
  • Fixes issue #1175 : “Nodal editor : sometimes when opening a graph, entire viewport rendering gets frozen”
  • Fixes issue #1172 : “Effect editor : messed up toolbar tooltips display”