PopcornFX v2 Beta is released

PopcornFX v2 video - nodal interface

What’s new:

You need to upgrade your existing projects in order to use it.
We updated the ‘Tutorials’ and ‘Samples’ online packages.
Select the ‘Online Packages’ tab in the project selection window and download the latest ones.

First time using PopcornFX v2.0? Take a look at the Getting_Started wiki page.

Content browser navigation

  • Fixed the bad navigation behavior of the content browser (#1155)

Nodal UX improvements

  • Added snapping when dragging wires close enough to pins
  • Hovering template pins now display their description
  • Added vector-builder and splitter nodes
  • Specify custom visibility rules for template properties, depending on the values of other properties.
  • … and more

Rendering improvements

  • Particles now support lighting, soft-particles, and alpha-remap features
  • Atlas files do not have to be specified in an external .pkat file anymore, you can optionally specify an inline subdivision count in the renderer node (ex: 2×2 atlas)
  • Added missing v1 features such as UV flip, TextureU in ribbons.
  • The bloom shader is now artefacts-free. A proper scene tone-mapping post-FX is still needed.
  • … and more

True coordinate-system independence

PopcornFX v1 was only partially coordinate-system independent. Making effects truly coordinate system independent and work flawlessly between, for example, UE4 and Unity, was a hard and painful process.

The v2 runtime and editor are much more robust regarding coordinate systems. We’ve fixed a lot of issues. Now, node properties are aware of coordinate-systems through the “3D_Coordinate” semantic when exposing a 3D vector property and the editor supports hot-switching coordinate systems while an effect is running. This makes it much easier to check coordinate-system independence correctness in an effect or template you’re working on.

PopcornFX v2 open beta 1 - Coord System Flip

New “Tutorials” package & effects

There is a new Tutorials package available in the “Online packages” tab of the project launcher.
It contains various annotated effects that will take you from the basics of creating v2 effects, through the different concepts of v2.0, all the way up to more advanced stuff.

We will keep adding effects in the future beta builds.

PopcornFX v2 open beta 1 - TutorialsPopcornFX v2 open beta 1 - Tutorials

PopcornFX v2 open beta 1 - TutorialsPopcornFX v2 open beta 1 - Tutorials


We’ve added many bugfixes, and a couple of optimizations.

Read the changelog here: https://support.popcornfx.com/versions/37

PopcornFX Beta 1 patch 1

First patch of Beta-1 released, fixes failure to build shaders when project path contains spaces

  • Fixes issue #1586 : “Project paths containing spaces will cause the editor to fail building shaders.”
  • Fixes a regression where doing a Ctrl+Z to undo the creation of a template, while the template was being viewed in the nodegraph panel, caused a crash.
  • Fixes “Scripting Reference” item under “Help” menu, was opening v1.13 online scripting reference, Now opens v2.0 scripting reference.