PopcornFX v2.13 is released!

PopcornFX v2.13 banner

The PopcornFX v2.13 build is now available!

Make sure you upgrade your runtime / plugins before switching to this version.
You can also check out the changelog on the wiki, where you’ll find all download links and updated patch nodes.

Note: UE4 & UE5 plugin archives are provided as 7z archives for better compression. They can be extracted using 7zip.




Check out the PopcornFX 2.13 release highlights livestream, where a few members of the dev team dive into some of the new features:

Changelog 2.13.5

Builds (Oct 20th 2022)

  • Fixed #11847: Nodegraph: Template creation does not grab all selected nodes
  • Fixed #11877: Editor: cannot save attribute values as default in some effects if project axis system is LHZUp
  • Fixed #11896: Opening a non-upgraded asset in an upgraded project will miss some upgrades
  • Fixed #11876: 2.14 packages appear in the 2.13 marketplace view with a “0.0” version
  • Fixed #11902: Unity: Rendering is broken if effect contains unsupported renderers
  • Fixed #11894: Unity: Recreate effects materials when changing PKFxMaterialsFactory in the settings
  • Fixed #11869: Unity: samplers produces false bake errors logs
  • Fixed #11868: Unity: logs from cpp are merged between log levels
  • Fixed #11852: Unity: expose version in plugin
  • Fixed #11833: Unity: Add shortcut to override material on the renderer
  • Fixed #11809: Unity: Alpha remap is sampled backwards
  • Fixed #11780: Unity: reimport imported assets
  • Fixed #11851: UnrealEngine: crash when reimporting some effects in UE5


Changelog 2.13.4

Builds (Sep 29th 2022)

  • Fixed #11792: Crash: Splitting a 2D/3D curve over time and using a coordinate other than x to create a trail crashes the editor
  • Fixed #11806: Propertygrid: selecting multiple renderer nodes does not display common properties anymore
  • Fixed #11800: Propertygrid: Asset picker for sound assets does not display thumbnail preview
  • Fixed #11391: Renderers: “Missing resource” warnings do no show in nodegraph
  • Fixed #11772: Nodal editor: Ctrl+G to create a template from a single node does not properly set the new template class/color based on the initial node if the node is an event template
  • Fixed #11814: Crash when loading project that contains a corrupt effect, and corruption happened on a node reference list. (for example following a bad merge conflict resolution in .pkfx file)
  • Fixed #11798: Content browser: Effects that reference missing resources (textures/meshes) are shown in red as having errors, should be a warning
  • Fixed #11775: Content browser: Right-click reindex asset does not do anything when asset analysis is disabled in editor settings. This setting should only affect project load, not the explicit asset reindexing command.
  • Fixed #11782: GPU sim: asin and acos builtins do not behave like on the CPU sim when input is outside the [-1, 1] range.
  • Fixed #11767: Unity: Attributes are not getting updated after a reimport
  • Fixed #11327: Unity: Attributes not properly updated when UI is displayed on prefabs
  • Fixed #11813: AfterEffects: plugin does not work anymore due to `WinPixEventRuntime.dll` dependency not being redistributed with the AfterEffects plugin anymore


Changelog 2.13.3

Builds (Sep 09st 2022)

  • Fixed #11755: Nodal editor: Crash when selecting some small nodes (ex: event trigger node)
  • Fixed #11754: Nodal editor: Payload extract node does not display payload name when it’s a builtin payload (ex: EmittedCount)
  • Fixed #11752: Particle debugger: crash when capturing entire frame in some effects
  • Fixed #11495: Curve editor: cannot specify negative tangents in input box for tangent values
  • Fixed #11750: Curve editor: Time, Value, and Tangent inputboxes do not display properly aligned text, hard to read
  • Fixed #11496: Curve editor: Alt+Shift+Left click to create a new control point and snap curves does not ignore disabled curve channels
  • Fixed #11415: Some thumbnails are recursively created in Editor/Cache folder
  • Fixed #8204: Effect documentation doesn’t display instruction count
  • Fixed #8203: Effect documentation shows incorrect value in ’empty layers’
  • Fixed #11753: Optimizer: Inefficient codegen using float3suf in game-engines whose coordinate system is different from left-handed y-up
  • Fixed #11731: Curve folding: Linear ramps get approximated to polynomials of higher degrees, whereas it should only be replaced by an MADD+CLAMP, degrades performance.
  • Fixed #11751: UnrealEngine: Emitter transforms, visibility & timescale aren’t properly set when bEnableUpdates is disabled
  • Fixed #11762: Unity: Crash when ‘enable localized pages’ is true and using mesh renderers
  • Fixed #11760: Unity: Billboard Generated atlas UVs are broken
  • Fixed #11759: Unity: Custom materials don’t have the data from PopcornFX SDK
  • Fixed #11749: Unity: Default values of samplers are not correct
  • Fixed #9395: Unity: Error caused by effect trying to load default image sampler.


Changelog 2.13.2

Builds (Sep 01st 2022)

  • Fixed #11742: Editor Effect Interface Panel: When specifying an attribute value with right click, typing the value and then pressing enter, it selects the attribute for drag and drop
  • Fixed #11746: Triangle renderer: CPU billboarding glitches when using custom UVs
  • Fixed #11743: Asset picker is showing cache files.
  • Fixed #11747: Nodal editor propertygrid: Tooltips of node output pins does not properly display the pin type
  • Fixed #11744: Nodal editor propertygrid: Tooltips of output pins is useless, only displays name, and no other useful information
  • Fixed #11554: Runtime: Random crash when spawning lots of particles in a frame
  • Fixed #11748: UnrealEngine: PopcornFXSceneActor mediums/page bounds & points debug display doesn’t work
  • Fixed #11738: UnrealEngine: MaskThreshold renderer value isn’t sent to the shader for Masked opaque mesh particles when they are Lit
  • Fixed #11547: UnrealEngine: random crashes when re-importing effects
  • Fixed #11745: Unity: DDS and PNG are never set as linear textures even if they should be
  • Fixed #11741: Unity: crash when importing with non existing pkproj
  • Fixed #11737: Unity: fix ‘GUILayout.End() Must be called first’ exception when importing effects
  • Fixed #11736: Unity: Effects with unsupported Renderers affects other materials
  • Fixed #11735: Unity: Missing effect dependency cancels .pkfx baking
  • Fixed #11734: Unity: update asset in place to avoid “update popcornFX reference”
  • Fixed #11538: Unity: renderfeature bindings do not reference the right shader
  • Fixed #11536: Unity: libraries metadata are not part of the plugin
  • Fixed #11535: Unity: reimporting all effects breaks rendering on some of those
  • Fixed #11209: Unity: Alpha map cursor set by popcorn doesn’t work
  • Fixed #9397: Unity: Curve default value from attribute sampler are incorrect compared to PopcornFX Editor


Changelog 2.13.1

Builds (Aug 04th 2022)

  • Fixed #11368: Editing layers with GPU sim enabled often causes massive rendering glitches in the viewport.
  • Fixed #8889: Effect editor: Crashes when deleting or grouping nodes that contains an attribute and then ctrl+z before the first compilation completion
  • Fixed #7524: Effect editor: Changing the project’s axis system while an effect editor is opened does not properly update mesh backdrops.
  • Fixed #11184: Effect editor: Particle data corruption when opening some effects reading from the rendering textures / viewport framebuffers
  • Fixed #11393: Node creation dialog: Add more search keywords for ‘rcp’ and ‘pow’
  • Fixed #11403: Importing animation paths from FBX occasionally flips orientations along some sections of the paths
  • Fixed #11400: Mesh viewer: Crash when reimporting an animtrack after closing an effect editor that was using that animtrack as a backdrop.
  • Fixed #11362: Marketplace: Occasional crash when typing something in the search box of some packages in the marketplace to find specific assets they contain
  • Fixed #11358: Editor: Crash when scanning assets in projects containing effects using animation track sampling
  • Fixed #11176: Editor: video memory leak when binding texture attribute sampler to editor render targets
  • Fixed #11330: Moving texture from the content browser sometime fails
  • Fixed #11147: Rendering: Dithering & Raymarching effects from Tutorials and Samples packages do not render on Mac
  • Fixed #11361: Unity: improve shaders compile time
  • Fixed #7208: Unity: Particle mesh has the BBox of the mesh changing every frame
  • Fixed #11498: O3DE: Asset thumbnails not working
  • Fixed #8393: O3DE: crash when drag&dropping effect into level from a different pack
  • Fixed #11414: AE: Add reset button to graphics overrides
  • Fixed #11402: AE: Graphic overrides are not cleared when changing effects
  • Fixed #11168: AE: UX Improve camera/emitter placement


Changelog 2.13.0

Builds (Jul 21st 2022)

GPU simulation

  • D3D12 & PS5 GPU simulation overhaul: Optimization & stabilization
  • Fixed #11323: GPU sim (D3D12): Effects using samplers suffer from a significant CPU overhead due to sampler properties being reuploaded every frame.
  • Fixed #11305: GPU sim: invalid CPU particle count when particles die in less than 4 frames
  • Fixed #11190: GPU sim: Prewarm is messed-up
  • Fixed #11188: GPU sim: discretize function is wrong, returns discretize(x-1)
  • Fixed #11187: GPU sim D3D12 & PS5: Shape sampling is broken on some shapes (Spheres & Complex-ellipsoids)
  • Fixed #11186: GPU sim D3D12 & PS5: disassemblePCoords functions & nodes are broken for Spheres, Cylinders, and Capsules
  • Fixed #11179: GPU sim: Incorrect time scales handling
  • Fixed #11173: GPU sim: effect.scale not supported
  • Fixed #11174: GPU sim: effect.axis* not supported


  • Fixed #11202: Saving an asset takes several seconds

Effect editor

  • #5434: Add particle memory usage viewer (CPU & GPU)
  • #10480: Mesh backdrop: Only list meshes with geometry and meshes with animation when browsing for MeshPath and AnimPath
  • #10438: Background backdrop: display cubemap textures first when picking an environment map
  • #10481: AnimTrack backdrop: Only list meshes with animation tracks when picking an anim track
  • #11171: Remove ultra-niche instrumentation driver toggle button from viewport toolbar: No reason to have it here as nobody outside the PopcornFX devteam is realistically using this undocumented feature.
  • Fixed #4420: Timeline track descriptions are not localized

Nodal editor

  • #7058: Add a togglable legend in node graph to help identify color meaning


  • Fixed #11328: Sending a NaN in the ‘meshID’ input of a mesh renderer crashes the editor

Plugins & Third-Party

UnrealEngine plugin

  • #11370: UnrealEngine: Drop UE4.26 support

Unity plugin

  • #10123: Unity: Text Attribute sampler effect for content sample

After-effects plugin

  • #10250: AE: Integrate QT into MacOS
  • #10249: AE: Improve the workflow of overriding graphical property


  • v2.13.0.12878: #9339: Sanitize backdrop lists
  • v2.13.0.13538: Make timeline track description localizable