PopcornFX is avaible on O3DE!

PopcornFX for O3DE

Open 3D Engine (O3DE) is an Apache 2.0-licensed cross-platform, real time 3D engine to create high performance interactive experiences, including games and simulations. 

Founding members of the Open 3D Foundation include AccelByte, Adobe, Apocalypse Studios, Audiokinetic, AWS, Backtrace.io, Carbonated, Futurewei, GAMEPOCH, Genvid Technologies, Hadean, HERE Technologies, Huawei, Intel, International Game Developers Association, KitBash3D, Kythera AI, Niantic, Open Robotics, PopcornFX, Red Hat, Rochester Institute of Technology, SideFX, Tafi, TLM Partners and Wargaming.

We provide the PopcornFX Solution in order to create advanced realtime visual effects for the Open 3D Engine Community.

The solution is split into 2 parts :
– Standalone Authoring tool to create the assets.
– Runtime integrated as a modular component (Gem) for O3DE allowing to import, play and edit (in a simplified high-level way) PopcornFX effects into O3DE

Licensing the Editor

The usage of the editor requires a paid subscription plan, unless you qualify for the free personal license.
We provide an affordable entry price (starting from €25/seat /month) for indies.
More information about the editor license plans here :

Licensing the Runtime

As a user of O3DE you will get access to the full-featured solution through the PopcornFX Gem integration.
Note that only the integration itself is accessible in open source form.
The runtime itself is provided as pre-built libraries (only debug and release).
Retail libraries are only available for paid licensees. Usually games are shipped with the lower-overhead retail libraries, which are required for console TRCs.

However, Persistant Studios offers several ways to use PopcornFX for free on certain platforms, depending on usage or financial criterias.
The following platforms can be available for free :
– Windows
– Android
– iOS

For consoles, you need to prove that you are a registered developer on each platform.

Eligibility criterias:
– Game or creative content oriented studio. Other industries, please contact us.
– For commercial use: Less than €1.5M of revenue or funds raised in the last 12 months
– For non commercial use: please refer to “Personal license” or contact us.

Otherwise, a paid Runtime Middleware License is required.

More information about the terms and conditions here :

Roadmap and available plugin

Our Gem & O3DE will evolve together, we will follow updates and continuously add features already available on other engine integrations, as well as brand new upcoming features.
We plan to have a simpler & seamless user experience and it will start with easier access download and setup instructions.

For now, you can access the latest Gem via our public development tracker here :


We encourage our users to use our public discord to report bugs/issues with the Gem.
However, we cannot guarantee to resolve all issues and delays without a paid support plan.
More information about support here :




We mainly interact with our community via our public discord.
Please join the PopcornFX community if you want to share your work, information, or even feature ideas, or report a bug.