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Blind Squirrel Games is searching for an experienced Technical Artist. You should have a combination of strong creative / visual aesthetics and technical knowledge as the job is roughly a 50/50 split in these areas. You should also be experienced in every aspect of the content creation pipeline, as well as be able to think outside the box to come up with techniques that work better or faster. Your goal will be to attack the more complex issues, and to help the other artists with technical hurdles they might be having.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Rendering tech – focus on rendering / lighting tech and development with graphics programmers to enhance visual quality and performance
Material creation – making materials for characters, environment assets, effects, etc.; anything that is overly complex or technical
Level work – often times the Technical Artist does a pass on a level where fog, lighting, color grading and fx are tweaked, and new features are added
Optimization – use diagnostic tools to examine current content, game performance, and identify areas for improvement
Tool development – work with programmers on developing new features and mock up features in external programs
Cinematic support – assist with cinematics by staging characters, adding camera animation, and lighting and rendering final-quality scenes, using Unreal Engine’s Matinee and Kismet tools
Other duties may be assigned to accomplish company or department objectives.


2+ years’ experience relating to your specialty


B.S. or B.A. degree in Computer Science/Game Art or equivalent

Other Skills and Abilities:

Expert knowledge on one 3D package (Maya or 3DS Max) for production
Excellent knowledge and experience with common scripting languages such as MEL script, Max Script, Python/PyMel, and PS Action Script
Ability to create 3D art pipelines and document processes
Understand how to optimize game assets and levels
Able to identify inefficiencies and create scripts to automate processes
Have experience in Maya Fluids, Max FumeFX or Houdini Pyro.
Strong understanding of modern rendering techniques
Must have experience with Unreal or CryEngine with a good understanding and their tools
Understand the use of dynamics to create destruction.
Experience with profilers such as PIX to identify and help solve performance issues
Character Rigging tools and pipeline experience
Exceptional verbal and written communications skills
Be able to work with tight deadlines and constraints
Clearly communicate updates and properly escalate concerns to the appropriate team member(s) and manager(s)
Ability to give and receive critiques for art and not take it too personally
Game Engine Experience UE2, UE3, UE4, CryEngine3+, Unity
Passion for Video Games


Understand PBR
C/C++, Kismet, Blueprint, Uscript, LUA
Experience with cloth, hair, facial animation, shaders or other specialized areas of technical art
Experience with PhysX, Havok, and similar systems
Experience with Particle systems such as Cascade or PopCornFX
Familiar in setting up Console Test Kits
Experience shipping console game titles including dealing with first party certification processes
Experience using Jira & Confluence.
Experience with Perforce
PS4 or XB1 Development experience

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