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Happy New Year!

We’re excited to announce PopcornFX’s participation in GDC 2024 from March 18th to March 22nd in San Francisco, where we’ll be eager to connect and share our latest developments.

How to find us and request a meeting:

Book a slot for an offsite meeting (March 18th-19th)

GDC24 Expo Floor (open demo) Booth S1641 (March 20th-22nd)

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Acknowledging its roots as a pure particle system, PopcornFX is at the initial phases of introducing a new simulation framework, set to debut in PopcornFX 2.19, which is slated for release shortly after GDC.

Our aim is to offer a more capable and flexible simulation platform, with a specific focus on managing dynamic and complex interactive simulations. This emphasis is geared towards achieving more realistic and impactful visual experiences. To meet the rising demand for compute-intensive simulations, our framework is crafted to handle these challenges effectively and pave the way for a new era of advancements.

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Highlighted New Features:

New Low-Overhead Data Structures: Introducing 1D to 4D grids, a set of direct-access data arrays.
Minimal overhead with simple arrays, perfect for binding as textures in rendering stages, like raymarching a 2D smoke simulation in a shader.

Simulation Fences: Introducing a novel synchronization mechanism that allows multiple stages of computation within a single frame. This includes a synchronization barrier between two or more nodes.

Built-in Nodes in Core Library: Additional nodes in the core library for seamless access to new solvers, simplifying your workflow.

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During the events, we’ll be providing insights into the early stages of our new simulation framework through two demos. These demonstrations will showcase practical use cases, emphasizing the benefits of our upcoming capabilities.

To secure your spot, you can request a reservation via our reservation system or email. We eagerly await your feedback and tangible use cases for upcoming productions. We’re here to assist through licensing, roadmap adjustments, and by offering creative and engineering services to meet your needs.

Thank you for being part of this exciting chapter in PopcornFX’s evolution. We look forward to meeting you!