The PopcornFX Editor is a suite of tools dedicated to effects creation and management of related assets.
It currently doesn't allow the creation of texture, sound, mesh or other assets usually created using DCC tools.
With each new version, new helper tools are added based on studios feedback and needs.

General overview

This video presents the main aspects of the technology,
from effect creation to engine integration.

illustration depicting the editor on one side and a game engine on the other

Effect Editor

• Edit, view and test your effects in a realtime 3D viewport
• Powerful node-based visual programming interface with a focus on content reusability
• Detailed performance & memory analytics

Mesh Editor

• Visualize static & animated mesh assets UVs, normals, tangents
• Control mesh compression settings
• Keep an eye on memory footprint

Texture Editor

• Visualize textures mipmaps & individual channels
• Export textures in different formats & quality levels

Project Management

Project launcher

• Browse available projects
• Download & use online assets
• Download new editor versions

Content browser

• Browse & monitor all project assets
• Easy assets export & import, seamless assets upgrades over versions

Vectorfield Editor

• Preview static & animated vectorfields
• Import static vector fields & build animated ones
• Control memory footprint

Material Editor

• Customize PopcornFX particle materials for the Effect Editor viewport
• Extend the default PopcornFX Editor feature set to match your engine's

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PopcornFX v2 tutorial videos pack

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