PopcornFx Editor

119 MB PopcornFX-Editor_Setup_v1.13.2.47134_x64.exe (Latest 1.13 build, 64-bits)
116 MB PopcornFX-Editor_Setup_v1.12.1.39129_x64.exe (Latest 1.12 build, 64-bits)
You can find all the previous official editor builds on the wiki : http://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/Announcements
WARNING : DirectX9 runtime is required (it can be downloaded here)
Check out the troubleshooting page for solutions to other common problems.
103.0 MB PopcornFx-Editor_Cubemaps_2014-09-25.zip (Cubemaps pack, pre-convolved, to be used with cubemap backdrop)

PopcornFx SDK

To get an evaluation license for the runtime, please contact us.

Engine integrations

UE4-logo-gUnreal Engine 4 PopcornFX Plugin PopcornFX for UnityUnity 2017 PopcornFX plugin

Runtime samples

These are some of the code-samples shipped with the PopcornFx C++ SDK.

55.5 MB PopcornFx-Samples_All_1.10.6_Windows_2016-10-21.zip (DX9, DX11, DX11-GPU, and OpenGL samples)
13.5 MB PopcornFX-Samples_1.6.0_Linux64_2014-09-14.zip (OpenGL samples for Linux)

Mobile applications

PopcornFX Benchmark (free) :

PopcornFX Benchmark for iOS (free) PopcornFX Benchmark for Android (free)

Brochures & Logos

9.76 MB 2017_POPCORNFX_GENERAL_brochure_web.pdf
6.36 MB 2017_POPCORNFX_OUTSOURCING_brochure_web.pdf
1.13 MB 2014_11_20_PopcornFX_Brochure_Japanese.pdf (Japanese version)
1.18 MB 2014_11_20_PopcornFX_Brochure_Korean.pdf (Korean version)
1.97 MB PopcornFX-Logos_2017_12_10.zip (Press PopcornFx logo-pack)

Price list of PopcornFX different packages and options

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