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The timeline contains a collection of tracks, each track can contain any number of keyframes. Each vent start node in the layergraph references a timeline track. Whenever the playback cursor runs over a keyframe in one of the tracks, an event will be pulsed out of the track’s event start node.


  1. Track list area: Gives access to the properties of each track
  2. Track timeline area: Plots the data of each track along the timeline
  3. Track toggle: Enables/disables the track.
  4. Track name: Name of the track, this is the name the event start nodes must reference.
  5. Current timestamp: Simulation time of the current effect instance.
  6. Reset: Resets the scene.
  7. Stop: Stops all effect instances.
  8. Play / Pause: Toggles the simulation play/pause state.
  9. Step 1 frame: Pauses the simulation and steps it forward 1 frame.
  10.  Step 1 keyframe: Pauses the simulation and steps it forward to the next keyframe.
  11.  Toggle snapping: Toggles time-snapping ON/OFF when moving or creating keyframes in the timeline.
  12.  Snap metric: Defines the snap metric & scale.
  13.  Save view: Save the current timeline pan/zoom levels to be the default when loading the effect.
  14.  Open settings: Open the timeline settings.
  15.  Time ruler: Shows the time scale & ticks.
  16.  Keyframe: Event keyframe in a track.
  17.  Current cursor: Playback cursor of the current instance.
  18.  Mouse cursor: Shows the time under the mouse cursor.


Key Bindings (defaults)

LMB Select keyframe
RMBContextual menu
MouseWheel-clickPan view
MouseWheelZoom in/out
Ctrl+SpaceCreate keyframe under mouse cursor
Step 1 frame forward
Step to the next keyframe
F2Rename selected track



Drag&droping a timeline track in the layergraph will create a new event start node mapped to this timeline


Drag&drop track to reorder them

Create keyframes with ‘Ctrl+space’

Zoom using the Mouse wheel

Select and move keyframes

Move keyframes with snapping

Context menu

  1. Create a new track
  2. Delete the selected track
  3. Rename the selected track


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