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Triangle renderer


Triangle renderers displays the particles as triangles. You can specify the position, color, normal, and UVs of each vertex of the triangle and have a full control over the shape and transformation of the triangle.

Triangle renderer sample

This renderer is not yet supported in all our public integrations.
Support in the UE4 plugin will arrive in version 2.6.2

Triangle custom normals

If your triangles are lit, you might want to specify custom normals for each vertex of the triangle renderer. By default, the triangle renderer can generate its own normal and tangent.

Here is an effect that reconstructs a mesh using the triangle renderer, showing the result with and without providing per-vertex normals to the renderer.

Mesh reconstruction triangle renderer
The “Custom Normals” feature is not enabled here, you can see that the triangles are “flat”: There is a single triangle normal, auto-generated from the vertex positions.

Mesh reconstruction with custom normals
The “Custom Normals” feature is enabled, the triangle renderer takes the actual vertex normal of the mesh as input. This creates a “smooth” lighting on the mesh.

You can also use the “Normal Bending Factor” that will curve the normals and tangents depending on the barycenter of the triangle.

Triangle custom UVs

You can also specify a per-vertex UV coordinate on the triangle renderer using the “Triangle Custom U V s” feature. The tangent of the triangle will be automatically computed depending on the UVs and normals set as inputs.

The default value for the vertices UVs when the “Triangle Custom U V s” feature is disabled are (0, 0), (1, 0), (0, 1).

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