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Rendering Customization

Render Pipeline support


PopcornFX Unity plugin supports Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) through additional packages (see plugin content). It is however possible to customize PopcornFX rendering for other Scriptable Render Pipelines (SRP), by using PKFxMaterialFactory. This interface allows to customize bindings between PopcornFX particles rendering and Unity materials


Material factory

PKFxMaterialFactory is unique to the SRP and the project, it is an object that describes PopcornFX rendering capabilities and the supported particle materials.

This object also lists all custom materials used by effects within the project.


Render Feature Bindings

PopcornFX particles are rendered using a Unity material specified by the associated PKFxRenderFeaturesBinding. PKFxRenderFeaturesBinding are defined by the PKFxMaterialFactory used by the current SRP.

PKFxRenderFeaturesBinding elements describe a series of properties and the associated Unity shader. PopcornFX particles are rendered using a Unity material, created from the matching PKFxRenderFeaturesBinding.

The PKFxRenderFeaturesBinding describe a feature set currently consisting of:

  • Renderer Type
  • Billboarding Location
  • Blend Modes
  • Shader Variation Mask



Effects Material Customization

Materials can also be overriden per PKFxEffectAsset, per particle renderer. Each particle renderer will have a name generated from the PopcornFX material.

Not all Unity materials are compatible with PopcornFX, you can look through our shaders for examples (or contact us on discord !).



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