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Gem installation and startup

Getting the Gem

Starting in v2.9.7, PopcornFX Gem for O3DE can be downloaded along with the associated PopcornFX Editor. Latest downloads: https://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php?title=Announcements

The Gem is being developed using the main branch of O3DE git.

However, you can find a version for the development branch on our public O3DE Gem git.

Make sure to grab a plugin version matching the PopcornFX Editor you are using.

Gem status

The PopcornFX O3DE integration has released with v2.9.7. Be aware that some features are still missing. The Gem installation process we also be improved along O3DE development.

Gem dependencies

PopcornFX O3DE Gem require the Script Canvas and EMotionFX Gems.

Gem installation

1. Extract the PopcornFX folder in the directory of your choice.
For example C:\Users\<User>\.o3de\Gems\PopcornFX

2. Register the gem to your project using :scripts\o3de.bat register -gp <gem-path> -espp <project-path>
For example scripts\o3de.bat register -gp C:\Users\<User>\.o3de\Gems\PopcornFX -espp C:\Users\<User>\.o3de\Projects\NewProject

3. Enable the PopcornFX gem in the O3DE project manager and build.

Patching O3DE project

In order to have distortion particles working, PopcornFX needs to add a distortion post-effect to your Atom render pipeline:

1. Run PopcornScript/PatchProject.py, python PatchProject.py <O3DE-source-repo-path> <project-path>
For example python C:\Users\<User>\.o3de\Gems\PopcornFX\PopcornScript\PatchProject.py C:\o3de C:\Users\<User>\.o3de\Projects\NewProject

Adding effects to a scene

1. Create a PopcornFX O3DE project using the PopcornFX Editor at the root of your O3DE project.
For example C:\Users\<User>\.o3de\Projects\NewProject\PopcornFXPack

2. Launch the O3DE Editor, add a “PopcornFX Emitter” component to an entity and choose a PopcornFX particle asset.

Texture settings

For correct rendering, assets used as normal map or distortion map by PopcornFX must use specific settings.
For now, those must be set by hand in O3DE. Right click on the texture asset an choose “edit texture settings”.
Pick the right setting: normal for normal maps, PopcornVectors for distortion maps.

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