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Effect treeview


The Layer and Template view displays the entire hierarchy of the effect, and all the templates it contains.


The interface is split into two sections: the layer section, and the template section.

  1. Layer hierarchy panel
  2. Template Panel
  3. Effect root : This item represents the layergraph
  4. Layers
  5. Templates used inside a layer
  6. Local Template

Note : The semi-transparent items are nodes used inside the effect, but defined in an external file, such as public templates.


Key Bindings (defaults)

LMB Select Layers or Templates
RMBcontextual menu
LMB-DoubleClickOpen in nodegraph the selected Layer or Template


Contextual Menus

Layers section

  1. Delete the selected layer
  2. Rename the selected layer
  3. Show the documentation of the selected item


Templates section

  1. Create a new template
  2. Paste a previously copied template
  3. Delete the selected template
  4. Rename the selected template
  5. Copy the selected template
  6. Duplicate the selected template
  7. Show the documentation of the selected template


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