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The grid sampler represents a low-level memory “array” that can be read or written to by particles.
Grids come in 1D, 2D, 3D, or 4D layouts.
When exposed as attribute-samplers in the effect, and used in a GPU-sim layer, 2D grids can be bound as render-textures inside engine materials & shaders, if the engine supports it.


OrderenumDimensionality of the grid

  • 1D: Grid is a simple linear array, cells are indexed using an int ‘x’ index
  • 2D: Grid is a 2D array, like a texture, cells are indexed using an int2 ‘xy’ index
  • 3D: Grid is a 3D array, like a volume texture or a vector-field, cells are indexed using an int3 ‘xyz’ index
  • 4D: Grid is a 4D array, cells are indexed using an int4 ‘xyzw’ index
Number of cells in the grid along each axis, actual type depends on the value of the Type property
TypeenumType of the data stored inside the grid

  • float
  • float2
  • float3
  • float4
  • int
  • int2
  • int3
  • int4
Output pins
DataEventStreamdataEventStreamThe event stream data
+ all sampler properties


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