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light renderer node
light renderer node


This renderer treats the particles as point-lights within the world
Note that the PopcornFX integration you’re using might not implement the particle light renderer.
Lights are displayed onscreen based on an input position, range and color

particles with a light renderer
particles with a light renderer


Default Materials:


Performance considerations

Depending on the PopcornFX integration you are using, there might be different performance requirements. However, a few general rules should apply everywhere:

  1. If you create a large number of light particles, it is likely it will badly hurt performance through excessive overdraw, especially on mobile.
  2. If you need light particles with a large influence radius, you should keep their number low.


Material: Default_Light

LightTranslucentboolWhen enabled, tells the renderer the lights should affect transparent materials (not supported in the PopcornFX editor)
CastShadowsboolWhen enabled, tells the renderer the lights should cast shadows.
AttenuationSteepnessfloatControls how fast the light intensity falls off from the center of the light
+ all common renderer properties
Input pins
Positionfloat3Light position in world coordinates
Colorfloat4Light color
RangefloatRadius of the light sphere, in world units. Light intensity falls down to zero on the sphere edge, Radius units away from the light Position


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