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Using the editor

To bake files from the editor, you can use the Ctrl+B (Bake) & Ctrl+Shift+B (Quick-bake) commands.
These will work both from the content-browser when selecting assets, or from an opened asset window, such as the effect editor, mesh importer, texture viewer, etc…


You can also access the Bake & Quick-bake commands through the right-click menu in the content-browser, or in the File menu in an asset window.

If you are using an integration into an in-house engine with the C++ SDK, the engine can hot-reload the baked asset immediately so you can quickly see your changes in-engine.

Setup steps

To use baking from the editor, you will need to make sure the project settings have at least one bake target setup.

With no bake target, trying to bake will show an error:

Baking with no platform specified in the project settings
Baking with no platform specified in the project settings

In the project settings, in the Assets > Baking section, add a new entry in the Platform Settings List array.

Project settings: Bake targets
Project settings: Bake targets

Entries should be of the form platform_name:bake_path, for example: x64:../../../PC_build will bake the assets in the PC_build folder located 3 folders below the project root

It is preferrable to bake the assets in a directory that’s not located in the actual project, otherwise the content-browser will see and display duplicate effect files in the current project, and worse, you risk stomping existing source files with baked files, and this will not be recoverable if you are not using a source control system such as perforce or git. So it’s best to bake in a completely separate folder dedicated to baked assets.

Once the bake target has been setup, the bake dialog should display it in the list of available targets:

Baking with a platform specified in the project settings
Baking with a platform specified in the project settings

Using the “Quick-bake” command will bake without popping the bake dialog, using the last settings used.


if an AssetBaker.pkcf file exists in the config-file folder specified in the project settings under General > Paths > Runtime Configs Dir, or if a .pkcf file exists for one of the assets being baked, it will be used automatically by the editor to grab the bake settings.

The editor will look for Config/AssetBaker.pkcf at the project root dir.
If the file does not exist, it will use the default bake settings.


To see how to setup an AssetBaker.pkcf file, see the resource oven pages for examples and complete documentation.

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