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The PopcornFXScene is an actor that is responsible for updating and rendering particles. It is the equivalent of the PopcornFX’s particle medium collection.

They are designed to encapsulate particle groups that you want to update and render together.

You can setup a different PopcornFXScene for specific particle groups to easily disable/destroy this group’s update/render at wish.


A default PopcornFXSceneActor will automatically be created when you drag & drop a PopcornFXEffect inside a level, if there is no existing one.

The following properties will affect the behavior of every PopcornFXEmitter that is registered in this PopcornFXScene.

UE4 Plugin: Scene details panel

  1. Scene transforms
  2. Instantly clears the scene of all particles
  3. Scene name that must be unique within all active levels (no name collision checks are done by PopcornFX plugin). Scene are resolved on a “first matching name” basis
  4. Toggles simulation for all emitters registered in that scene
  5. Toggles rendering for all emitters registered in that scene
  6. Global simulation settings
  7. Global rendering settings
  8. Debugging options

Scene collision filters and FilterID

Particle to world collision tests can be customized with Collision Preset (you’ll find them in Project Settings > Collision > Preset)

To define finer collision presets for specific particles, use the CParticleEvolver_Physics FilterID that will be used to index the PopcornFXScene Collision Filters array.

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