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This section will describe the most common issues and how to solve them

Importing a PopcornFX effect fails:

Effect Import failed popup
  1. Make sure you are loading an effect having the same PopcornFX version of your plugin (i.e., if your plugin version is 2.7.3, you can only load any effect made with a 2.7.* PopcornFX Editor.)
  2. Make sure to import a source PopcornFX effect coming from a PopcornFX project and not an effect contained in your vault. Note: The effect import workflow might change in future PopcornFX versions when we implement downloadable packages
  3. If the effect still doesn’t load, you can look at the PopcornFX log files located inside the Vault
    Please feel free to contact PopcornFX support team with the content of the logs folder
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