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Known Issues

General Issues:

  • First frame on After Effects startup or on composition switch is not rendered. clear the cache to solve it.
  • Due to SDK limitation from After Effects, attributes are populated with others effects. You should not:
    • Copy/Paste, delete, rename those by hand.
  • You can only have one emitter per layer in After Effects
  • Unit systems are not unified between PopcornFX (meters) and After effects (pixels).
    • One unit in After effects will correspond to one meters in PopcornFX
    • To alleviate this, an “Effect scale up factor” is exposed as emitter parameter, but it can cause issue when used with attributes.
  • Pure transparent background are not handle correctly yet.
    • To alleviate this, an “Override background opacity” and “Background Opacity” are exposed as emitter parameters, but it does not handle additive particle blending correctly.
  • Only two graphics API is implemented as of now : DirectX 11 and DirectX 12

Effect loading

  • Attributes:
    • Quaternions are not handled yet.


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