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Effect Vault

The vault is the single location where all the PopcornFX effects ready-to-use in After Effects projects are located.
Note: effects contained in the vault are baked (see PopcornFX Overview).

On windows, the vault is located inside the user folder (%LocalAppData%):

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Persistant Studios\AfterEffects\Vault

Inside the vault you file find several folders:

  • Cache: It contains all the effect already imported once into After effects. Note that those effects are baked, and should not be selected when choosing an effect inside the plugin.
  • Assets: It will contains the meshes and others external resources like FBX, DDS and FGA
  • Logs: It contains the standard log for PopcornFX as well as the baking logs. When troubleshooting, be sure to send us the content of this folder.

Note: In future PopcornFX versions, the vault will also be used to store any downloaded effect packages

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