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Project Launcher


The project launcher is the starting hub showing all PopcornFX projects.

You can create new projects, add existing projects, download online example packages, and import them into projects.


PopcornFX Projects

A PopcornFX project contains all effects and resources (textures, meshes, ..) for a given project. Projects are created for a specific game engine so everything is properly setup (Axis system, units, file formats, ..) but can easily be exported to various game engines.

Project list

  1. Displays registered projects and their last edited version.
  2. Current selected project’s infos


With new PopcornFX versions we often make improvements that require changes in the assets, therefore we include upgraders with each build, that will fix all assets affected by new version changes. Projects which are out of date and have pending upgrades will appear with a reddish tint in the project list. Hovering a project in the list will show a tooltip with more information about the project.


Note: right now, PopcornFX v1 effects can’t be upgraded into v2 effects. We are currently working on an upgrader.


If you have v1.x projects in the project list, the v2 project launcher will locate the best suited v1.x editor installed and launch it when you open the project.


Create a new project

To create a new project, click the “Create New” button, it will display the project creation dialog:

  1. Project location
  2. Project type, this does not mean effects in this project will only be compatible for that engine, but configures the PopcornFX project to match this engine axis system, supported file formats, ..
  3. Browse to folder location


Once everything is configured, click OK to create the project. This new project will only contain the core PopcornFX templates.


Add an existing project

If you already have a valid PopcornFX project on disk, you can add that project to your project list by clicking the Add Existing button, and specifying the source PopcornProject.pkproj file:

If that project isn’t up to date, you might have to apply upgrades.


Online packages

We provide free content in the form of packages, downloadable from the PopcornFX Editor directly:

  1. Package thumbnail
  2. Package name
  3. Package version
  4. Download button


Clicking the “Download” button will download the package from our servers.

Once the package is downloaded:

  1. The package was successfully downloaded
  2. Create a new project from that package
  3. Import that package into an existing project
  4. Project this package will be imported into if “Import” button is clicked


Note: If a package was already downloaded but is outdated because a new version is available, this download button will appear again.


Clicking the “Create New” button will show the new package dialog, then show the package import dialog.

Clicking the “Import” button will display the package import dialog directly:

  1. Package content viewer
  2. Folders
  3. Files
  4. File already exists in the project this package is being imported into, importing will override that file


Click “Import” to import selected files in the project.


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