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  6. Viewport



The viewport displays the effect and various statistics in the HUD.



  1. Viewport
  2. Capture thumbnail
  3. Save current view as default effect view (Ctrl+E to reset view to default effect view)
  4. Set the camera position to fit the entire effect in the view
  5. Reset effect
  6. Stop effect
  7. Play / Pause effect
  8. Simulation speed coefficient
  9. Framerate limiter
  10. Enable/Disable editor “loop preview” mode (not applied at runtime, only a preview helper)
  11. When loop is enabled, delay until next instantiation of the effect
  12. Enable simulation timing captures
  13. Enable instrumentation (must have experimental instrumentation driver setup)
  14. Capture debugger values for whole simulation (sim must be paused, warning: can be slow !)
  15. Nodegraph compilation mode. “Shipping” has extra optimizations done when baking assets for the runtime, causes some editor features to not be available, such as debugging.
  16. Shape debug display mode
  17. Enable shape debug display
  18. Show builtin 3D ground plane grid
  19. Gizmo mode. Gizmo is currently active only when selecting the “Root” element of the layers treeview, to move the effect instance around. Shortcuts are Q, W, E, R
  20. Gizmo transform mode: World / Local
  21. Simulation bbox display mode
  22. GPU simulation toggle ON/OFF
  23. GPU simulation hint (only used when #22 is ON)
  24. Show effect editor preferences
  25. Show/Edit camera position X, Y, Z
  26. Show/Edit camera orientation X, Y, Z
  27. Reset camera position and orientation
  28. Simulation stats


Key Bindings (defaults)

Right-clickLook around
Middle-clickPan view
Alt+Right-clickDolly view
Alt+Left-clickOrbit view
Alt+Left&Right-clickPan view
Left-clickSelect particles
F3 / Shift+F3Cycle render modes
Ctrl+RReset effect
Stop effect
QGizmo mode: none
WGizmo mode: translate
EGizmo mode: rotate
RGizmo mode: scale
TToggle gizmo between worlspace and localspace
V[DEV] Show profiler
B[DEV] Pause profiler
J / L[DEV] Pan profiler right / left
I / K[DEV] Zoom profiler in / out
Y / H[DEV] Pan profiler up / down
U / O[DEV] Profiler history prev / next frame


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