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Supported features


The aim of the plugin is to eventually implement all the feature set of PopcornFX. However due to the rapidly evolving state of PopcornFX and Unreal Engine, some features are still missing. The table below summarizes the current state of the plugin.

General feature set

Raycasts / Sphere sweepsContact surface types & properties are retrieved from physical materials. Implemented in PhysX and Chaos.
Broadcasted events
Audio samplingAn interface is exposed for feeding audio waveform/spectrum data but no default implementation is available yet
GPU particlesGPU particles are currently only supported on PC, with D3D11 or D3D12 RHI
Emitter time scale
Emitter visibility
Emitter prewarm
Attribute samplers
Shape (primitives)
Shape (static meshes)
Shape (skeletal meshes)Also supports cloth simulations
VectorfieldAnimated vectorfields are not supported
ImageCan be setup from static images or render targets (for GPU particles)
Animation trackCan be setup from spline components

Supported renderers

RendererCPU simulationGPU simulationNotes
BillboardGPU (vertex shader) billboarding is on by default, CPU billboarding is still available but might be removed in future versions (advanced rendering features like raytracing rely on vertex shader billboarding)
Ribbon✓ CPU billboarding is on by default (GPU billboarding is not implemented)
TriangleCPU billboarding is on by default (GPU billboarding is not implemented)
Mesh✓ CPU billboarding is on by default (the vertex shader still processes some data but mesh instance matrices are built on CPU)
Sound✓ Emits Unreal Engine audio system audio sources
LightEmits Unreal Engine simple lights (simple point lights that cannot cast shadows)

Billboard/Triangle renderer feature set

Make sure to check the material parameter table to see how renderer constants & per particle values are exposed to the material graph. Some of the features below are not present in the default materials (.pkma) and require creating custom .pkma/.pkri files to expose these features to the renderers/graph.

Rendering featureBillboardRibbonTriangleMeshNotes
TransparentPremultipliedAlpha and AdditiveNoAlpha are emulated. Meshes only support Unlit Additive and AlphaBlend materials.
Alpha Remap
Soft Particles
Flip UVs
LitMetalness/roughness maps & constants are ignored.
Normal Wrap
Normal Bend
Diffuse Ramp
Emissive Ramp
Double SidedCurrently all materials are double sided, implementing this would require to duplicate all default materials (this option can’t be set from code).
Texture RepeatThis setting needs to be changed on the texture asset directly.
Transform UVs
Correct Deformation
Custom Texture U
Texture UVs
Mesh Atlas
Use Vertex Colors
ShaderInput0DynamicParameter0 is reserved for Billboard, Ribbon & Triangle materials.
Mesh LOD
Six Way Lightmap
Volumetric Fog
Skeletal Animation
Skeletal Animation Interpolate
Skeletal Animation Interpolate Tracks
VAT Rigid
VAT Fluid
VAT Soft
VAT Normalized Data
RaytracedSupported on >= UE5.0:

  • CPU billboard particles are correctly supported.
  • CPU mesh particles are using the default mesh Vertex Factory: only supports basic mesh materials (cannot use any particle related render features like alpha remap, atlas, particle color…). Mesh atlases are not supported.

The current implementation still requires additional improvements.


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