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Getting started

Setting up the PopcornFX project and adding effects to a scene

1. Dowload the PopcornFX editor that matches the PopcornFX gem version that you are using in your project (if you enabled the PopcornFX gem version 2.11, any 2.11.x PopcornFX editor should work with it).

You will find the list of all existing PopcornFX editor versions here.


2. Create a new PopcornFX project using the PopcornFX Editor at the root of your O3DE project. In the “Create new project” window, select the O3DE project settings preset.

3. Create or import effects in your project. Here, in the “Package Library” tab of the PopcornFX project launcher, I downloaded the “Torchfire” pack and imported it in my O3DE project using right click > “Import in Existing Project”.

4. Launch the O3DE Editor,  create or open a level in your project. You can then add a create a new entity and add the “PopcornFX Emitter” component to it.

5. You can now select one effect from your PopcornFX project to attach to the component. It should play immediately in editor.

Texture settings

For correct rendering, assets used as normal map or distortion map by PopcornFX must use specific settings.
For now, those must be set by hand in O3DE. Right click on the texture asset an choose “edit texture settings”.
Pick the right setting: normal for normal maps, PopcornVectors for distortion maps.

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