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Emitters Properties:

On your emitter, you will find a lot of configuration options:

All exposed emitter properties
  1. First Parameter is the name of the currently selected effect
  2. Transform (for now, in meter and degree)
    1. Position: in meters
    2. Rotation X/Y/Z: in degrees
  3. Seed: Used to configure the randomness of the effect
  4. Rendering
    1. Override background opacity: Whether or not to override the background’s opacity
    2. Background opacity: Value of the Alpha if override background is enabled
    3. Render Output: Choose which render buffer to render
    4. Camera options
      1. Camera: Choose between After effect camera or Popcorn FX internal camera
        Note: Default Composition is the closest After Effects camera in the layer stack available
      2. Near/Far: configure near and far of the camera.
    5. Receive Light: Not implemented
    6. Post Effects
      1. Distortion: Enable or disable Distortion and configure it’s strength
      2. Bloom: Enable or disable Bloom and configure it’s strength
      3. Tone Mapping: Enable or disable Tone Mapping and configure it’s strength
  5. Backdrop Mesh
    1. Enable Rendering
    2. Enable Collision: Enable or disable collision with particles
    3. Mesh Path: Browse any .fbx to load a mesh
  6. Light
    1. Category: Choose if you want to handle the light from After effect scene or within PopcornFX
    2. Direction: Set the directional vector of the PopcornFX light
    3. Intensity: Set the intensity of the PopcornFX light
    4. Color: Set the color of directional PopcornFX light
    5. Ambiant:  Set the color of ambiant PopcornFX light
  7. Effect Scale Up Factor: Experimental. Set it to scale the effect up. Beware this can have side effects depending on how your effect is implemented.
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