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The event-stream sampler allows you to emit events from a file that stores a pre-baked event list along a timeline.
Right now it is only a builtin sampler used by the effect timeline, and cannot be used directly in a simulation graph.


  • Inline: Event-stream data is stored inside the .pkfx file
PayloadarrayArray of payloads that will be sent by each event pulsed out of the stream
Output pins
DataEventStreamdataEventStreamThe event stream data
+ all sampler properties


Payload properties

ValuestringName of the payload
TypedatatypeType of the payload, can be any of the following types:

    • float
    • float2
    • float3
    • float4
    • int
    • int2
    • int3
    • int4
    • bool
    • bool2
    • bool3
    • bool4
    • orientation


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