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Account creation & login

The first time you launch the editor, it will ask you to login. If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create one.

Login screen

  1. e-mail address: the email identifying your PopcornFX account
  2. password: your PopcornFX account password
  3. save login information: If checked, the editor will save an authentication token on this machine.
  4. reset password: If you have forgotten your password, click this button to re-send a new password to your email address
  5. sign-in: Sign into the account. If the login information is valid, will open the project launcher.
  6. sign-up: Create a new account, opens the account creation dialog (see next section)
  7. go offline: Skips sign-in and allows you to use the editor offline. Disabled during early-access.

Once you have successfully signed-in, the project launcher window will open.


Creating an account

You can either create an account directly inside the editor, or create an account on the PopcornFX website.

To create an account from the editor, when you are on the sign-in window, click on the “Sign Up” button (#6)

This will open the account creation dialog

  1. Country: Your country of residence
  2. Account email: Your email. This must be a valid email address, a confirmation email will be sent
  3. Account password: Your PopcornFX account password.
  4. Account password confirmation: Confirm your password.
  5. First name
  6. Last name
  7. Company name: Optional, but helps us get a better picture of the PopcornFX userbase.
  8. Job title: Optional, but helps us get a better picture of the PopcornFX userbase.
  9. Anonymous data collection: When checked, data collection will be anonymized. This is used for crash reports and editor statistics
  10. Create account
  11. Sign-in: Goes back to the login dialog


Once you have filled all the required information, clicking the “Create Account” will send the account creation request:

When the account is successfully created, a confirmation dialog will appear:

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered in the “Account email” field (#2)

Before signing in, you must validate your account, by clicking on the link in the mail

Which should show the following confirmation page:

You can now login using your account.


Logging out

If you checked the “Remember me” checkbox in the login screen, each launch of the editor will bring you directly to the project launcher window.
To logout and go back to the login screen, you will need to click on the account button at the top of any one of the various main editor windows:

This will pop the account menu. Pick the “Log Off” option.
A restart of the editor will now pop the login dialog.


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