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Known issues

This page describes known issues for PopcornFX Editor and simulation.

SDK licensees and studios with a support plan have access to a more complete list of issues in our backlog.


Pro / Entrerprise / University licenses are not always properly displayed when logged in PopcornFX Editor. This is currently being worked on and should be solved soon along with a simpler portal to view the subscriptions / teams you are part of.

GPU simulation

GPU simulated particles is a hot topic, PopcornFX currently only supports D3D11, D3D12 and PS5 as GPU simulation backends (making PopcornFX GPU sim particles compatible on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PS5). Editing in-editor often leads to crashes, we are currently working on stabilizing remaining issues.

Other platforms:

  • Support for Vulkan (Google Stadia, PC, Mobile) is not scheduled for 2022.
  • Support for PS4 and Nintendo Switch will not be implemented.

Mac editor

PopcornFX Editor on Mac is still marked experimental. Metal is the default graphics API chosen by the editor, there are still however some shader compilation issues which can lead to crashes.

Linux editor

PopcornFX Editor on Linux is not marked experimental, but its installation can be tedious. OpenGL is the default graphics API chosen by the editor.

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