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PopcornFXEmitter is an instance of a PopcornFXEffect.

Emitters are updated and rendered in a PopcornFXScene, allowing group control over emitters.

Emitter properties

UE4 Plugin: Emitter details panel

  1. Simple controls on the PopcornFXEmitter and PopcornFXEffect
  2. Source PopcornFXEffect
  3. PopcornFX Scene “name”. An emitter can only play and render in one scene, identified by its name
  4. Effect attributes, that can be changed for this emitter by Blueprint or C++


Drag and dropping a PopcornFXEffect in the scene will automatically create a PopcornFXEmitterActor properly setup:

UE4 Plugin: Drag and drop effect into level

Quick Tip: Disable Editor’s throttle

UE blocks viewport updates when Slate events occur (changing a values, clicking buttons, …).

This results in blocking the viewport update when tweaking attribute values, and can be annoying for fine tuning.

To disable this, enter the following command:

  • Slate.bAllowThrottling 0

UE4 Plugin: Disable Slate's throttling

Blueprint / C++

To manually create a PopcornFX emitter in Blueprint or C++, you can:

  • Create a blueprint / actor that inherits from PopcornFXEmitter
  • Add a PopcornFXEmitterComponent to an actor/blueprint components list
  • Spawn an emitter with PopcornFX functions, fire and forget (see below)

Blueprint functions

Different functions are available on emitters

UE4 Plugin: Get/Set attribute value

Emitter functions

These functions allow you to modify the emitter state and create new instances.

  • Copy and Start Emitter at Location : Creates a copy of your emitter, and spawns it at a specific location and rotation (fire and forget)
  • Copy and Start Emitter Attached : Creates a copy of your emitter, and spawns it at a specific location and rotation, attached to a specific parent (fire and forget)
  • IsEmitter Alive / Emitting / Started : Helper functions to determine the current status of the emitter
  • Restart Emitter : Restarts the emitter (Terminate + Start)
  • Set Effect : Changes the source PopcornFXEffect of the emitter
  • Spawn Emitter Attached : Spawns an emitter at a specific location and rotation, attached to the specified parent (fire and forget)
  • Start Emitter / Stop Emitter : Respectively starts and stops the emitter
  • Terminate effect : Stops emission and unregisters the emitter
  • Toggle Effect : Starts or stops the emitter, depending on the given parameter

Here is an example of how to spawn an emitter (fire and forget):

UE4 Plugin: Spawn emitter

Attributes Functions

These functions allow you to manipulate emitter attributes.

  • Find Attribute Index : Returns you the index of a specific attribute name
  • Get Attribute : Generic function to retrieve an attribute value
  • Reset Attributes to Default / Reset to Default Value : Reset your emitter attributes to their default values
  • Set Attribute : Generic function to modify an attribute value

Here are examples to Get / Set an attribute value:

UE4 Plugin: Get/Set attribute value

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