What is PopcornFx?

Created in 2010, PopcornFX is your realtime particle effects solution for games, films, AR/VR/MR. PopcornFX is the leading FX editor, multi-platform & cross-engine.


PopcornFX is currently in use in a wide variety of game productions (from indies to AAA), targeted platforms (PC, consoles and mobile), and engines (Unity, Unreal and in-house). Meeting great success such as Playstation VR Worlds or Arte “Notes on Blindness” experience.
Editor is free. We license the runtime on a per title, per platform basis. It can be easily integrated into in-house or commercial engines.
We develop specific plugins for Unity3d and Unreal Engine 4 as well.

We also provides outsourcing, training, conferences & masterclasses to help your team boost creativity & improve performances.

Download for free


How does it work?

Particle effects are created by artists in the PopcornFX editor. They are then baked and saved with the game assets. The PopcornFX runtime integrated in the game engine then loads the effects and plays them back. Gameplay can then interact with the effects and change properties exposed by the artists.

How do I try it?

You can download the FX editor, which is totally free and unlimited. This is the actual editor used in production. We don’t charge for it. You can do whatever you want with it.

If you like it, you can contact us to get a free runtime evaluation license for your studio.
We also have plugins for Unity and UE4.

How much does it cost?

The editor is free. We license the runtime and we offer integration / outsourcing services.

The Unity plugin and Unreal Engine 4 plugin are both licensed per platform and per seat for personal use or indie studios. For AAA titles, we can discuss project, team, or site licenses, including premium support and services.

The SDK is typically licensed per project and can be integrated tightly to your specific rendering pipeline.

Contact us for more information !


“PopcornFX has become the cornerstone of VFX here at London Studio since we began “VR Worlds” in 2014. It’s enabled us to deliver a huge and varied range of particle effects which really contribute to the sense of presence demanded by VR. Our vfx team loves using the editor – it actually encourages artists to experiment, improve, and optimise without barriers to creativity. Persistant Studios have also continued to provide us with first-class support on-site and down the wire – for both content creation and for the codebase. This level of support has proven to be as professional and reliable as the tool itself.”

Ciaran Devine – Visual Effects Supervisor – London Studio – Sony Interactive Entertainment

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