PopcornFX by Persistant Studios, company logo

Persistant Studios, a French company established in 2005, incorporates three main subsidiaries: PopcornFX, Apperture, and Digital&Human. Their expertises rely on visual effects solutions for gaming and film industries, next-gen game development, VFX outsourcing services, and creation of AR/VR/MR experiences.

Our goal is to simplify
VFX production

In pursuit of providing the community with a middleware allowing the creation of realtime 3D particle effects, Persistant Studios developed PopcornFX.

PopcornFX offers an efficient, solid, and modern design, with many game engine interactions, fast iterations, and tools tailored for VFX.

Its script-based expression system is key to smart, fully controlled, and completely flexible effects. This flexibility allows PopcornFX to be used by both video games & movie industries.

Download assets

Here are logos and other assets for use on your websites, feel free to contact us if you need print materials or have a use case not covered here.