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Visual Effects Supervisor – London, England

My name is Ciaran Devine. I’ve been working in CGI for the past 30 years with 17 years in Broadcast/commercial TV and 10 years in feature film VFX – Specializing in large scale dynamic simulation on films such as Harry Potter, James Bond, Charlie & the Chocolate factory, Prince of Persia etc
Three years ago I switched careers to work in the videogame industry at Sony London Studios, and have been focused on Playstation®VR development, in particular ‘VR Worlds’.



I was effects supervisor for the sandroom sequence – an escape from the massive destruction of an ancient sandfilled cathedral-like structure. Bringing together animations, fluid sims, rigid body sims from a large team of artists across various software and countries.


Sequence with two planes dog-fighting in a canyon – with fire, smoke and destruction sims. Plus further incidental vfx for the opening carchase.


Led a team of four artists authoring a wide range of vfx across five very diverse experiences. Concepted, proofed and help to execute many key visual moments throughout. Built tools, worked with developers.


PopcornFX provides a broad and versatile toolset, giving artists multiple approaches to achieve their aim and genuinely encouraging experimentation.
The most powerful feature has to be the particle scripting – allowing VFX artists to author complex dynamic particle systems that would be inconceivable with conventional parametric particle techniques. This is reinforced by features which provide vital feedback and metrics – right down to the per-operation level to help ensure the effects remain optimal.
This is software that has clearly been developed with close end-user collaboration, and as a result PopcornFX is an absolute joy to use. This is backed up by some of the most responsive support I’ve experienced in 30 years in CGI.

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