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Partikel is a one man (so far!) studio producing realtime VFX for clients in the games industry.

Before founding Partikel, Andreas worked at DICE on Battlefield 1 as associate lead vfx artist. For Project Wight, Andreas was the only VFX artist, working directly with art, code and design. Working remote, PopcornFX allows Partikel to prototype and produce styletests for clients without being bound to an engine. Andreas is a fan of customizing which is probably why he’s drawn to tools like Houdini and PopcornFX.




In Project Wight, you take the role of a creature living in an alternate history world filled with Vikings. In this game, the humans are the bad guys trying to hunt you and your kind down.

Through the game you get to play as the monster at varying ages and capabilities. As a small child, you have to run and hide from even the weakest of humans, but as you get stronger, you can take the fight to them..!

Not much has been revealed about the project yet, but here’s a video released for UNITE ‘16 in Los Angeles:


"PopcornFX allows me to start prototyping effect behaviours even before the effects are implemented in the game by code. I can set up a parameter that I use to drive size, speed, color and whatever else I need. Then all I need to do is give the parameter name to code and the effect will behave as expected in the game! No more “Hey, I uniformly scaled every single attribute in your effect, why does it look crap now!? Oh, and we just locked the branch, we have to ship with this."

Download the ANDREAS GLAD portrait as a VFX artist using PopcornFX



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