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PopcornFX is the realtime FX solution for particle effects
Multi-platform & cross engine for games, films & AR/VR/MR

What is PopcornFX ?

No need to adapt your stack and environment to our tailor-made middleware.
PopcornFX is the perfect solution for all the technical & FX artists who want to create particle effects.

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PopcornFX can be your VFX solution during the whole process:
It can either be your pocket tool or your technician.
Plug it into your process or let us take care of your project directly.

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PopcornFX is cross engine


PopcornFX easily integrates into popular game engines as well as in-house game engines.


PopcornFX technology gave us an immediate powerful feature rich VFX solution for both runtime and editor. This saved over a year of work of having to write our own solution from scratch. Their support options were invaluable for ship, being involved in custom profiling and tailor made optimization endeavors across many platforms. Their work was diligent, timely and impactful to our project.
Matt Bishop Lead Engineer, Diablo II: Resurrected
Diablo 2 Resurrected
For a small studio like ours, but with a high level of artistic and technical ambition, it was important to find a partner able to meet this requirement. The teams of popcornFX have largely fulfilled this contract, sometimes even exceeding our expectations by contributing largely to the creation of ``Century age of ashes``, without them the game would not have had the same success. The exchanges and the creative emulation between our teams were more than fruitful. The PopcornFX team was able to understand and adapt to our universe, our artistic direction, and our technical constraints, while adapting to our sometimes very short production deadlines. We hope to continue this collaboration for a long time to come and create new games together.
Pascal Barret Art Director-studio manager- PlaywingLTD
Century: Age Of Ashes
PopcornFX made many people happy across the whole studio. With the power of templates mechanism we were able to dramatically decrease an amount of manual technical setup effort in favor of focusing on the quality and richness of visual effects. PopcornFX's data-driven design made us able to expose game-specific effects' parameters directly into the game editor with, basically, a single click, which allowed our game designers to easily configure game mechanics supporting visuals without digging deep into each effect innards.
Rostyslav Dzinko Technical Director, Shatterline

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