PopcornFX awarded an Epic Mega Grants
to enhance its plugin integration in UE4
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PopcornFX & Magic Leap

Partnership with Magic Leap

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Persistant Studios is proud to announce
its partnership with Magic Leap!

PopcornFX is the real-time FX solution for particle effects
Multi-platform & cross engine for games, films & AR/VR/MR

What is PopcornFX ?

No need to adapt your stack and environment to our tailor-made middleware.
PopcornFX is the perfect solution for all the technical & FX artists who want to create particle effects.

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PopcornFX can be your VFX solution during the whole process:
It can either be your pocket tool or your technician.
Plug it into your process or let us take care of your project directly.

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PopcornFX is cross engine


PopcornFX easily integrates into popular game engines as well as in-house game engines.

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