Price list of PopcornFX different packages and options

C++ standard SDK

2015_12_17_PopcornFX standard SDK pricing. All prices are in EUR.
Category Price per platform**, per title Support (level 1*) Discounts on additionnal platforms
prod budget up to 150 k€ 1.000€ included for 2 months No Discount
prod budget up to 1.5 M€ 8.000€ included for 6 months 25% off
prod budget over 1.5 M€ 30.000€
site licenses available, please contact us
included for 1 year 35% off
*3 levels of support, can be extended on simple request
**platforms available: Windows,MacOS,Linux,PS4,XboxOne,WiiU,PS3,Xbox360 (for others, please ask)
This price list apply on GAME productions ONLY. For any other kind of projects, please contact us for a quote.

Support plans

See support page

PopcornFX Integration Plugins

You can buy the following plugins directly from our store, see:

Contact-us for more information.

Outsourcing services

Standard hourly rates ranging from $50USD to $200USD, depending on volume and urgency.
See outsourcing page.