Boost your VFX creation capabilities in Unity

  • Born in 2010, PopcornFX is one of the first middleware exclusively dedicated to creating realtime FX.
  • PopcornFX is recognized nowadays as a professional-grade tool used by an increasing number of studios & VFX artists.
  • The Unity + PopcornFX duo offers the most complete & most efficient 3D FX solution for apps and games development.
  • Take advantage of PopcornFX now, starting here !

Discover, learn and use PopcornFX with Unity

ready-to-run fx
  • You don’t have the resources or the need to author your own effects.
  • You just want to have good looking and efficient effects to place in your app/game.
  • However ability to tweak effects, even with the gameplay interactions, is essential for you.

Download the plugin

Choose your platform

Tune your effect
Change attributes ingame

create your own fx
  • You want to create specific effects for your game.
  • You want as many tools as possible at your disposal to create original, stunning visual effects.
  • Have the opportunity to define simple or complex particle behavior that could be modified by your app.

Download the plugin

Choose your platform

Play with your own
custom effects

Key features

Interparticle interaction
Distortion FX
Image sampling
Mesh sampling
Trail spawner
Particle scripting
Runtime attributes

PopcornFX & Unity make your life easier





Unique tool dedicated to particle FX
Runtime optimized for each platform : PC,Mac / Mobile (iOS, Android)
Full control, no limitation
Interactive effects
Script based system
Create custom nodes
Uses resources more wisely
Particle profiler
Interactive effects
Particle debugger
FX Statistics
Complete production pipeline
Realtime editing & tweaks
Quick iteration, Quick FX intégration
Cross-platform development
Gameplay-interactive runtime

Testimonials from the Unity Asset Store

“This is the absolute best…
The relatively expensive price tag on this were a bit of a turn-off to me initially, but now that I’ve made the plunge, this really is a great, great effect solution.”
“PopcornFX is a must-have !
If you are looking for a professional fast plugin that deals with any possible particle effects that you may imagine, then PopcornFX is for you.”
“PopCornFX was instrumental for our Notes on Blindness VR project. It made it possible for us to display lots of different particles effects, while maintaining a good level of performance on mobile devices. Thanks a lot PopCorn! Great work!”
Trent Polack – Team Chaos Bruno Cesteiro – Camel 101 Amaury La Burthe – Creative Director Notes on Blindness – AudioGaming
“Powerful, flexible and pretty. PopcornFX is an all in one VFX engine that gets the job done. […] Easily optimized. Support is fantastic. Would recommend to anyone looking for AAA VFX for their game.”
“PopcornFx is a effects creation tool we will use it for all our future games – FPS & RPG. It is a tool we will use for a very long time.”
“[…] if you want your game to stand out and shine above the rest and create AAA quality FX that are on par with if not better than what game other engines can offer, then this is the plugin for you!”
Blair Renaud – IRIS VR David Baity – Megawars Cochey Cantu – Omega Tomato