Give your students a chance to be highly hunted technical artists

Lots of professional video game studios use PopcornFX and usually complain about the lack of technical artists experienced with PopcornFX. Your mission as a CG / VFX university is to prepare students to their professional life: by training them on PopcornFX, you give them the best chance to be hired on teams that use PopcornFX.

Video Games or Cinema courses?

No need to choose, PopcornFX is the main entry point to VFX creation, both for the video game & movie industries. PopcornFX is also used for interactive live performances, this means:

  • A student who masters PopcornFX can be an effective artist in the Video Game, movie & interactive event industries
  • Persistant Studio can feed HR departments with PopcornFX certified students (thanks to our Certification Program)

Is your pedagogical team ready to teach PopcornFX?

We though that it’s our role to train your teachers. We decided to:

  • Create workshops to present PopcornFX to your team and students
  • Create MOOC with PopcornFX star users
  • We assume the training of your own teachers in situ (under conditions)

Because your students already are!

At the question “Do you find revelant to study PopcornFX as a standard course?


Download our documentation for Universities / VFX Schools or Contact us for further information

PopcornFX Certified Universities

Vancouver Film School bets on PopcornFX to teach VFX to their studentsRigling College bets on PopcornFX to teach VFX to their students NAD_uses_PopcornFX

PopcornFX is used by students of